Powdered food producers

Value Proposition

Bacarac Foods is a uniquely positioned South African powdered food producer.

When you work with Bacarac Foods you will benefit from:

  • our comprehensive, versatile and flexible production capabilities,
  • our efficient systems and infrastructure,
  • our commitment to quality enforced by our HACCP procedures and GMP systems,
  • our 25 years of manufacturing and food technology expertise,
  • our commitment to the well-being of all our stakeholders and customers, and
  • our commitment to the well-being of our customers.


Bacarac Foods’ vision is to be a world-class preferred provider of blending and formulation services, supplying affordable, healthy powdered food products to state enterprises, large retailers, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


Bacarac Foods’ mission is to maintain our reputation as a world-class producer and pioneer while consistently growing and contributing to the success of all our stakeholders.


Bacarac Food’s takes pride in formulating products that uplift communities [throughout the world], enabling them to live an affordable healthy lifestyle.

These values are our fundamental beliefs which guide our actions and behaviour. They influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve our clients.

Through teamwork, knowledge, integrity, accountability, performance and leadership we contribute to a vibrant culture which focuses on the growth of the company and its people.


For many years we have supplied state institutions like, prisons, hospitals, old age homes and feeding schemes; and more recently large retailers with our powdered food products.

All our products come with a certified SABS certificate and full instructions on the packaging of how to store and mix them.

We are proud of our flagship product Amasi Wam milk powder and are the only manufacturer of this product in powder form.  This milk powder has exceptional nutritional properties.


  • Toll blending
  • Consulting on food products, production and formulation
  • Raw material production and supply
  • Tender assistance


Bacarac Foods has a modern toll blending plant with the capacity of 250 T per month. With multiple blending vessels we can provide customers with batch size flexibility and capacity for large and multi-facetted projects.

Bacarac Foods is capable of further increasing capacity by introducing a multi-shift operation schedule and setting up plants in key locations in South Africa and Africa.